Maria Vadeeva is the first ambassador of bioniq!

In August, Maria Vadeeva became the first ambassador of the British biohacking company bioniq. Together they have already held the first tour of the company's office, an online training session with a fitness trainer and creator of the Pro Trener COMPANY Anton Feoktistov, and an open basketball competition at the Flacon design factory in Moscow.

Created by ex-basketball player Vadim Fedotov, bioniq is a platform searching for smart solutions for monitoring and managing health. Based on an individual blood test, bioniq offers a personalized recipe for vitamins and micro-elements, which are mixed in the form of granules in one jar using a unique patented Swiss technology. The bioniq health management system was named “The Biggest Health Trend of 2020” by the Evening Standard, “The Biggest Fitness Trend of 2020” by Telegraph and Elle and entered the “Top 20 Health Trends of 2020” according to Women's Health. The company's offices are located in London, Moscow and Dubai. Among the famous people who support bioniq methods are Laura Dzhugelia, Ekaterina Mukhina, Andrey Kirilenko, Evgeny Kafelnikov, Yulia Baranovskaya, Polina Askeri, Katerina Shpitsa and many others.
Maria Vadeeva is a supporter of the preventive approach that distinguishes bioniq. She regularly monitors her health, which she openly shares with her audience. By the way, Maria just launched the “Health” section on her Instagram profile, where she will give advice to adults and the younger generation, based on personal experience and knowledge developed over a long sports career, so stay tuned!

Despite the fact that the joint goals of bioniq and Maria are quite serious, they did not forget that you always need to find time for fun, and therefore, on August 18, everyone gathered at the Flacon design factory for a shooting competition to win deposits for checkups and personalized vitamins from bioniq. The event also featured the "Basketball Diary", 10% of the sales of which we donate to the "Kirilenko Kids’s!» for the development of the basketball infrastructure in Russia.

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