Did you hear that Maria Vadeeva launched the first basketball diary in the world? The presentation was held on May 7th, 2021, and in case you missed this event and Maria’s speech about the importance of the diaries, we are here to pass the word along!

Sports diaries are the invention of the World Cup winner and six-time champion of Russia in modern pentathlon (a sport consisting of five disciplines: fencing, equestrian show jumping, swimming and laser run - running and shooting) Ulyana Batashova. She is sure that making daily notes is a serious mental work that helps an athlete to be one step ahead of the others and achieve their goals faster. Why is this happening? They record their physical and emotional state, the comments of the coach, their own thoughts, and all this helps to build a subsequent analysis of self, including actions and elements that require work. In this way, you gain strength and confidence and improve your results.

Before meeting Maria Vadeeva, Ulyana's brand Under By Me already produced diaries for modern pentathlon, swimming, fencing and triathlon, and they even became popular among athletes from other sports, including basketball players who willingly recorded the number of shots, minutes of dribbling, game statistics, although the diaries were intended to record very different data. Of course, due to many requests, Ulyana had no choice but to produce basketball diaries, and the captain of the Russian women's basketball team Maria Vadeeva - to become an ideological inspirer and partner.

Together, the girls have created a new and very first professional diary for basketball players, which will become a real helper at practice, competitions, training camps for young and experienced players. The first pages of the diary contain quotes of famous champions that inspire Maria, then several additional special pages are set aside for setting big goals, and then the main part in which the owners of the diary are free to express themselves, receiving only light tips from the authors in the form of small headings explaining how notes should correspond to each line. The pages can be decorated with colorful basketball stickers, which, like the cover, were created by the artist, but, of course, the main decoration of the diary pages will be crossed out goals and improved athletic performance.

Maria presented the basketball diaries in the cozy atmosphere of a basketball complex Playground in Moscow, and her speech about the importance of diaries for the younger generation was picked up and continued by NBA and WNBA stars Andrey Kirilenko and Svetlana Abrosimova, who ended the presentation with personal stories about how the diaries had benefited them in their time. But in addition to being useful for their owners, basketball diaries also help the development of basketball throughout the country, thanks to a partnership with the “Kirilenko’s Kids” charity foundation which builds street basketball courts in the regions of our large country.

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